Mill City

A short drive to the Santiam State Forest offers beautiful year-round riding.

Our Mill City riding area is located in the Santiam State Forest in Marion County. At an elevation of 832 feet, this is a great place to ride most of the year. It stays below the snow line when other mountain riding areas are snowed in. It is typically not too muddy and great for beginners. There are amazing views from the top. At 45 miles, travel time is usually 45 minutes each way.


Travel Time: 45 minutes (45 miles)


Elevation: 832 feet


Year-round riding


Bring special snacks or drinks


Bring your camera


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You will want your camera nearby while winding down over 50 miles of trails near Detroit Lake.

Mill City

Mill City is a short 45 minutes drive. We will see amazing views at the top of this ride. Don't forget the camera.

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