We have simple pricing here at ATV Oregon, LLC. We don’t charge all those fees and deposits like the other guys. Explore With Us!


No Cleaning Fees


No Damage Deposit


Lunch Included


Free Delivery & Setup


Awesome Pictures


Personalized Tours








ATV Oregon T-Shirt


From the beach to the mountains, we have the ride for you! We’ll handle the delivery and loading of the ATVs and equipment. Show up with your camera or ride with us to the location of your choosing. All riders will receive an ATV Oregon t-shirt!


Weekday Trip

2 Rider Minimum
8 Hours (Estimated time)
Monday – Thursday

$200 per rider per day


Weekend Trip

2 Rider Minimum
8 Hours (Estimated time)
Friday – Sunday

$250 per rider per day


Tag Along Specials

These are short notice tours. When we have room for a couple more riders to join the fun. TAG ALONG tour opportunities will generally be posted within 48hrs of the tour. You can TAG ALONG for HALF PRICE!!! However we DO NOT provide a free t-shirt or lunch for TAG ALONG SPECIALS.

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72-hour advanced reservation required
10% off for 30-day advanced reservations


Lunch included on all trips


Cancel 48 hours prior to your scheduled tour and receive a 50% refund.

We offer adults (18 years of age and older) the opportunity to explore a variety of different riding locations throughout Oregon. From beautiful coastline to epic mountain views, with some amazing forests in between. As always, lunch is provided.

Our tours are personalized for you and up to 5 of your friends. (2 person minimum, 6 person maximum). Our Tour Guides are very friendly and will be there every step of the way.

We do all the driving, unloading, loading, and instruction. If you want to learn while helping with the ATVs, we encourage it. It’s a great experience for beginners. Our Guides will show you how to safely transport the equipment, proper loading and unloading techniques, how to safely operate each quad, and the best places to ride!

Bring your camera! We like to stop along the way to snap beautiful pictures. We try to leave riding areas prior to sunset.

Unlike other companies, there are no hidden fees! We do not charge a cleaning fee because ATVs are supposed to get dirty! We know flags break and we will replace them without charge. No damage deposit required!

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